Our main goal is to provide you with a means to attract more clients and gain exposure by building a website that that is Google friendly. Our packages are for start-up, small, and medium sized businesses. So please browse and find a package with-in your budget.  
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Website Design


Design & Development

Design & Development Package Contents

Customization to a Theme

We search for a theme that is suitable to your industry and modify it to look unique. 

1 Hour Collaboration Session

During this hour, you tell me all your ideas of how you want your site to look and function.

Mobile Responsive

We make sure that your site is responsive to many of the poplular screen sizes from Google Pixal, Samsung Galaxy, Iphone XR, and more.

Social Media Integration

Social Media are important platforms to be on when promoting your site. This is why we make sure your clients can get to and from your website to your choosen social media platform. 

Google Maps

Whether its your office or store front, its best to make sure that you clients have a visual reference of where you are located. 

Photo Sourcing

Not only a benefit of SEO, but it is very good practice to credit any images used on your website. This will protect you from any potiential trouble. 

Rounds of Revisions

Revisons are any sessions that envolve changing the look, functionality or layout of the website during its construction. 

Mailing List Plugin

It is important to gathering emails for future campaigns which can later convert subscribers to customers.

Custom Icons

If you want to have your own unique flare? We can do that for you. Creating a custom icon can set you apart and display your personality on your website.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a must use tool to track your KPIs and making sure your are accomplishing your marketing goals. This we can set up for you. 

404 Redirect Page

Getting those 404 error pages can be a business killer. Which is why we set up a page that will keep your customer on your site and a way to get away from that dead end. 

XML Site

Google does not rank websites, it ranks pages with in that website. Which is why We create an XML Sitemap so it gives Google an easy way to read your pages and where the pages are located. 

Boost Your SEO

Do you need an extra boost of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your WordPress site? 

We have you covered. SEO is a very overwhelming task to tackle and your time could be used to cover other areas of your business. With this SEO Starter, we help you to get started without the countless hours of research and countless blogs to read. 


Maintenance covers everything needed to keep your website running at its peak. Google’s algorithm looks for what sites are maintained and updated. So if a site has been parked for to long, it will start to lose ranking making all that hard work and valuable time meaningless. 

We understand the importance of your company’s digital appearance which is why we tailored this package to meet the essentials of what is needed to keep your site relevant.